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Stacy Johnson
Stacy Johnson

[S2E3] The Punishment Room

Clarke tries to help Anya out of her cage in the Harvest Chamber in Mount Weather. After ripping off a pipe, Clarke manages to break the lock on Anya's cage. Dr. Lorelei Tsing walks in and Clarke is forced to hide inside the cage with Anya. The doctor observes the group of Grounders in cages before backing away and leaving the room. After the doctor leaves, Clarke helps Anya out of her cage and they go through a door marked "End Containment Area" that abruptly shuts behind them. An alarm goes off and the ground opens beneath them, dumping them into a mining cart filled with bodies.

[S2E3] The Punishment Room


As everyone begins to eat, Logan cuts off the dinner and begins individually interrogating various members of the group to find out who talked to the Pierce family and Pantsil. Logan has Karl, Tom and Greg sit in the corner of the room and subjects them to a viciously humiliating game he calls "Boar on the Floor," having the three of them play-act like pigs and fight over a piece of sausage, with the loser being declared the mole. Amidst the chaos, Kendall wrestles Roman's phone away from him and learns that it was in fact Roman who talked to the Pierces. Roman claims he was trying to help his father, but Logan brands him a "moron" in front of everyone, and demands to know who in the room backs him on the acquisition. Kendall observes that everyone present is opposed, but Logan insists that he will nonetheless see his plan through.

Twilight checks her calendar and finds out it has been exactly one week since her last letter to the Princess, and is terrified of the possibility of being tardy. In a state of extreme anxiety, Twilight speculates that the Princess could punish her with an exam to prove she has been taking her studies seriously, which Twilight fears she would fail, prompting the Princess to send her back to Magic Kindergarten. Twilight envisions herself sitting in a classroom surrounded by mocking fillies, but the thought is 'popped' by Spike as he reasons that the Princess would never allow such a thing to happen. Ignoring her assistant's words of wisdom, Twilight becomes determined to solve a friendship problem and have a letter written to Princess Celestia before sundown. She first drills Spike on his problems, but when he is revealed to have none, Twilight goes out to find a friend in need. An exasperated Spike groans and states, "This won't end well."

While looking around Ponyville, Twilight overhears Rarity crying at her shop, having lost some diamond ribbon she requires for a dress. Before Twilight can help her, however, Rarity finds the ribbon she needed, much to Twilight's disappointment. While searching for her other friends, Twilight finds Rainbow Dash, destroying an old barn on Sweet Apple Acres. Twilight, thinking that Rainbow Dash and Applejack are fighting with each other, stops Rainbow Dash. However, Rainbow Dash informs Twilight that Applejack asked her to destroy the old barn to make room for a new one, which Applejack confirms before Dash finishes off the demolition by diving into the barn and creating a colorful mushroom cloud explosion.

Once in the library, Twilight explains her actions to Princess Celestia while Spike overhears. Princess Celestia shows her immense faith in her student, and says that she does not require a letter every week. Twilight's friends barge in and plead for the Princess to be merciful to her student: they admit that they were wrong for denying Twilight's help when she needed it most, and they apologize. In lieu of a punishment for Twilight, Princess Celestia requests that all of Twilight's friends write her letters about friendship from now on, but only when they actually find one. Before she leaves, she tells Twilight that Spike made her aware of Twilight's fears getting the best of her, and after she leaves, Twilight gives Spike a loving hug.

Later, when Tony visits Beansie in the hospital, and he brings up the possibility of being a rat, Tony says the mob washes their own dirty laundry. This will amount to some money being thrown around, but little else punishment for Richie in direct connection to Beansie. For Meadow, she owns up to her mistake, takes responsibility and literally washes up her own mess.

Btw, Ron, your point about Tony (and Carmela for that matter) not thinking of the obvious punishment of cleaning the house is spot on. Forcing her to directly address the damage she did would be the starting point for most parents, and far more focused than any monetary punishment. The fact that direct atonement is so foreign to Tony at least, is very telling. And that Meadow essentially comes up with it on her own provides great insight into her character as well. Interesting though that Tony DOES go this route in the near future by requiring Richie to (indirectly) build a ramp for Beansie. He certainly has shown the ability to take advice and apply it in different ways.

Tonya asks Donno if she can use a bathroom, but he slides a garbage pail towards her. He works on a crossword puzzle and she helps him solve a line, so he shows her a little humanity and takes her outside by a tree, turning around to give her privacy. While Donno practices attacks with a knife, Tonya finds a stick with a sharp end and when he comes around the tree, she stabs it into his thigh and runs.

The third episode of "The Handmaid's Tale" ended with Ofglen (played by Alexis Bledel) in an eerie hospital recovery room scene. During our interview for INSIDER's new podcast "Showrunners," Bruce Miller explained the decision-making process behind this sequence of events.

"In the book, Offred is told that Ofglen kills herself," Miller told INSIDER. "We don't know if she did, but [that's what Offred is] told. I was very interested in seeing what the criminal justice system looked like for women, which turned out to be amazing. I was really interested to see what punishment was like. What is it like to be convicted of a biblical crime?"

The punishment of "redemption" is female genital mutilation (FGM). Though nothing is explicitly stated or shown, the audience is meant to understand that Emily has unwillingly had her clitoris surgically removed. She is told that she can still bear children, but she "won't want what she can't have" (pleasurable sex).

Midge can seem a little too perfect, too good at everything. So as cringey as that wedding scene was, it was necessary to put her flaws on full display. Apparently she is terrible at tact. Not good at reading the room. We got hints of that earlier on, but this took it to a whole other level.

Midge, read the freaking room! Oh my God, I wanted to join the little girl hiding in the corner, thats how awkward that reception was. I do like that they had Midge majorly screw up, and be called on it. Midge is already smart, pretty, spunky, and good at most everything, so its nice to be reminded that she has faults, and she can screw up. Like, in this situation, struggling with balancing her two worlds. She wants to have her old life, but is also starting to get more used to her more rough and tumble stand up life. Yeah,it was all going to collide sooner or late, but I felt some serious second hand embarrassment at that reception. This isnt your day, Midge!

"Everyone deserves a perfect wedding"--that's sort of what Midge said to Mary, right? Oh Midge, Midge, Midge. Read the room. I was surprised she isn't better at that, given all her experience at those parties last season.

Again, I'm glad there were consequences (people didn't respond to Midge's jokes and Mary ended up in tears) but like Joel's parents, you'd think Midge would be better at reading cues. What kind of comedian can't respond to an audience and read a room? And why would she keep running her mouth and digging a deeper hole for herself? She said she lost her filter but she still works at B. Altman and she wants to go back to the makeup department. This feels like a contrivance. And honestly, I think Midge is coming cross as arrogant and a callous attention whore. This has happened before. She gets in a zone and doesn't care who she hurts.

I was going to write the same thing. The nudity seemed unnecessary and like they just went for it because it's Amazon and like HBO, they can just do whatever they want with nudity and language. BUT I changed my mind when Abe also went in the room. I think it would have seemed like they were overreacting if we hadn't seen the model naked and it was only a moment.

I had to pause the tv during the wedding speech fiasco because I was horrified and cringing. When I rewatched the episode I left the room. It was a plot device imho. I think the worlds colliding could have been handled better.

"Dostoevsky wrote, 'If man has a conscience, he will suffer for his mistake, that will be his punishment as well as his prison,'" narrates Joe, a man with no conscience and no punishment. Here's hoping this soapy tragedy heads somewhere towards justice, eventually. At least Raskolnikov was sent to literal Siberia, and not the SoCal 'burbs with what looks like a heated backyard pool.

Mr. Bates is found guilty of poisoning his estranged wife, Vera, and sentenced to hang before being granted a reprieve of life in prison. At the time, the death penalty was mandatory for murder; capital punishment wasn't abolished in Britain until 1969. Lady Mary calls off her engagement to Sir Richard Carlisle, who is said to be inspired by the powerful press baron Lord Beaverbrook.

The episode begins with Clementine staring at a moth on a tree, and is revealed to be on watch over Sarah, who is taking a bathroom break in the woods. Sarah then thanks her for watching her back, although she knows that Clementine was forced to come with her. Clementine's response will differ depending on the player's choice, and upon whether or not Clementine is friends with Sarah.

Once inside, Kenny is seen arguing with Mike about doing forced labor. Kenny, not intent on working, pins Mike against a boarded-up window, with Mike angrily telling him to let go. Clementine will then try and defuse the argument, which eventually results in Kenny letting go of Mike, but causes the weakened boards covering the window to fall down, allowing a small cluster of walkers to break through the glass and enter the store. As the three are split up, a walker gives chase to Clementine. With no suitable weapon to kill the walker with, Clementine backs up into a wall, and goes behind an overturned display rack, attempting to escape. The walker follows suit as Clementine scurries away, managing to get the walker to crush itself against the shelf. After noticing more walkers closing in on her, she retreats into a storage room, only to fall over and get tangled in a wire. Clementine gets tackled by a walker, and is saved just in time by Troy, who kills the walker with a crossbow. Troy will then yell at Clementine to go back inside, and proceeds to chastise Kenny and Mike for managing to ruin a simple patch-up job, disappointed that he now has to babysit them to ensure that it gets done properly. 041b061a72


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