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공개·회원 7명
Stacy Johnson
Stacy Johnson

Survive, Revive, and Thrive in the Dark Ages with Age of Origins

In AGE OF Z ORIGINS, what remains of humanity lives within the high walls of a city. But constant zombie attacks, as well as general use, has left the city in need of repair. So, it's up to you to launch a series of infrastructure improvement projects, while also fighting off zombies heading down the road to the city and destroying some undead folk who are just hanging around but look like they could be trouble some day. Using classic strategy, building, and tower defense mechanics, this game has you testing your tactical planning in hopes your intellect can protect what's left of the human race.

Though it's a fairly typical strategy, world building, tower defense mash-up, it's also a rather solid and engaging one, even if it is heavy on the ads. In Age of Z Origins, what's left of the human race lives in a walled city. But thanks to constant zombie attacks, as well as general wear and tear, the city is in need of repair. Using the resources you get from playing, you have to decide what buildings and structures will get fixed or even upgraded, and which will just have to wait. You also have to pick and place stationary weapon systems to stop the hordes of zombies walking down the road towards town, while also sending soldiers out to fight groups of zombies who are just hanging out but look like they're up to no good.

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