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English Dogs Forward Into

Buck turns to his primitive instincts more and more ashe struggles to survive in the wild North. He avoids fights, butSpitz becomes a dangerous rival, showing his teeth whenever possible.One night, Buck settles down under the shelter of a rock, but whenhe goes to get his food, he finds the space occupied by Spitz. Hesprings upon Spitz, surprising him, and the two circle each other,preparing to fight, while Francois eggs Buck on. Just then, theyhear Perrault shouting and see almost a hundred starving huskiescharging into the camp. The wild dogs are so thin that their bonesseem to be coming out of their skin, and they are mad with hunger.Buck is attacked by three huskies at once, and his head and shouldersare slashed; even as he fights the wild dogs, Spitz continues tonip at him. Eventually, outnumbered, the sled dogs run out ontothe frozen lake and regroup in the woods. They are all badly hurt.In the morning, they make their way back to the camp but find nofood there. Surveying the damage, Francois worries that the wilddogs were mad and that their bites may have infected the sled dogs,but Perrault doubts it.

English Dogs Forward Into

Anyway, at the end of the battle, Viking warriors would decapitate the king or leader of the tribe/army they had just vanquished and that night would drink from his skull--spelled skoll--as a sign of respect for the fallen opponent. It was only then, Viking warriors believed, could an opponent who had fought valiantly be allowed into Valhalla.In battle, Vikings would urge each other forward by yelling "SKOLL" to one another. By doing so, they were telling each other to keep it up so they could drink from the skull (and the top of a lopped off skull looks roughly like a..wait for it...BOWL!!) of the Vanquished that night.These days, it just is a way to urge each other on to victory in an American football game, but if you piss us off too much, we'll put Packer Nation's head on a metaphorical pole, parade it around, and then drink some Grain Belt from it, so keep one eye open, because the Vikings can go medieval on you in a heartbeat.


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