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시장 조사 그룹

공개·회원 7명
Stacy Johnson
Stacy Johnson

Spacegirl Interrupted 6 \/\/TOP\\\\

As A-Force mourned the loss of Medusa, She-Hulk gave the order to alert the rest of Arcadia, for she knew the Thor Corps would come back for her. As she announced the plan to her team, Nico interrupted her because the strange girl has something to show them, to compensate for the kindness and trust she has been shown, the newcomer offered to conceal A-Force inside herself, as she spoke her first word: "Hide".[5]

Spacegirl Interrupted 6

They then demanded that Singularity explain herself and what she knew about the entity chasing her. As she told them about her time in another reality, they were interrupted by a call from Captain Marvel who had been monitoring the situation from the A.F.S.S. and described a plan devised by Dr. Tempest Bell to use Singularity as bait to lure Antimatter into a situation in which it could be bombarded with light particles in order to gather enough data to find the weakness of this new adversary.

A wedding between Ava Sharpe and Sara Lance/White Canary is rudely interrupted by an alien invasion, an event that causes the team to be abducted from the quaint, backyard ceremony. Sara's big day is ruined and must be redeemed through a bowling match, a tall order given the team's lack of skills in the respective sport. From here, it appears that the Legends will employ a variety of tactics to make it back home, from a Clue-like board game titled Beast/Slayers to a trip under the influence of some magic mushrooms.

On her way to rescue Peace, she was interrupted by Pudding, who insisted on getting the scoop first and challenged Ulala to a guitar battle. After successfully defeating Pudding with her guitar skills, Ulala continued to rescue the Space Bird Mistress and several birdwatchers from the Birdmen. She finally made her way to Space Park's tropical garden, where she soon defeated the dancing robot Pon Piriri and saved Peace, only for him to be immediately re-captured by Shadow.

Ulala first appears during the game's tutorial, where she teaches the player the game's basic mechanics when she is interrupted and called to investigate a case of aliens who are forcing people at Spaceport 9. She answers the call saying she will go there in a flash and tells the player (the twins) to go with her.


그룹에 오신 것을 환영합니다! 이곳에서 새로운 소식을 확인하고, 다른 회원들과 소통하며, 동영상을 공유해보세...

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