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Stacy Johnson
Stacy Johnson

Tapout Xt2 Torrent

TapouT XT - Extreme Home FitnessI wasnt pleased with the qualityof some of the other TapouT XT torrents found on Demonoid and othertorrent sites, so I downloaded the DVD ISOs and ripped them myself.No more audio sync issues, mixed aspect ratios, or dead space atthe end of the videos. Please see below for more detailed info onthe videos, and the contents of this torrent.TapouT XT is a truemixed martial arts (MMA) style, extreme home fitness program. Loseweight, build lean muscle, and get ripped in 90 days! No weights,no pull-ups and no gym memberships. Pro trainer and MMAconditioning coach, Mike Karpenko, leads you through 12-sweatdrenching, super-charged MMA style workouts in your own home togive you that rock hard TapouT body you want. You just need to ComeAnd Get It!Video InfoContainer: .mkvCodec: H264Video: 848x476 @1815kbps, 2passAudio: 2ch MP3 @ 128kbpsInlcuded in thisTorrent:Documents:Workout CalendarFitness GuideVideos:1. Strength& Force UpperGet ready to bring the power as you sculpt leanmuscle and upper body definition with extra focus on your chest,shoulders and triceps.(53:41)2. Plyo XTBurn fat and improveathletic performance with this sweat drenching explosive plyometriclower body workout. (51:11)3. Cross Core CombatMelt away fat MMAstyle as you punch and kick your way to a shredded core in thishard twisting crack of the skull workout. (45:49)4. CompetitionCoreWant TapouT Abs? Do this work out! Carve your upper, middle,lower abs, and love handles at the same. (47:14)5. Buns & GunsXTJust what it says. Get that firm, toned and lifted butt alongwith beach-ready biceps, triceps and more. (31:20)6. Yoga XTYouwill look forward to this stretch-based yoga workout each week. Butremember, this is XT, so dont expect any free passes here! You'regonna to feel it! (51:04)7. Sprawl & BrawlMelt away fat as youtrain like a fighter with this signature TapouT XT workout. Keepyour workout towel handy for this one! (46:07)8. Muay ThaiBased onthe MMA combat technique developed in Thailand, this workout usesstand-up striking along with knock-out kicks that will reshape yourentire body and burn fat XT style! (40:02)9. Ripped ConditioningNoweights. No pull ups. Pure muscle. This extreme conditioningworkout will get you that ripped up TapouT body you want.(41:14)10. Ultimate Abs XTGood bye spare tire. Hello six-pack! This15 minute ab blitzing workout is the key to getting rock hardTapouT Abs. (15:45)11. Cardio XTWhen we say this workout isextreme, we mean it. Cardio XT will make you earn it with sweat!(46:20)12. Legs & BackYoull be turning heads after a fewsessions of this leg burning, booty lifting, back sculptingworkout. (40:19)(Bonus) Strike TrainingStrike Training DVD: Watchthis DVD first! Learn proper form and technique from worldchampions and top pro MMA fighters. Spend 10 minutes watching thisDVD and youll benefit each time you workout with TapouT XT.

Tapout Xt2 Torrent

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