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Stacy Johnson
Stacy Johnson

The Ultimate Resource for Creative Professionals: The Win Without Pitching Manifesto by Blair Enns

# A Win Without Pitching Manifesto: How to Sell Your Ideas and Advice Without Giving Them Away ## Introduction - What is the Win Without Pitching Manifesto and who is it for? - Why is it important to sell your ideas and advice without pitching them for free? - What are the main benefits of following the manifesto's principles? - How to use this article as a guide to implement the manifesto in your own creative business? ## Proclamation 1: We Will Specialize - What does it mean to specialize and why is it essential for creative professionals? - How to choose a niche market, discipline, or problem that you can solve better than anyone else? - How to communicate your expertise and value proposition to your prospects and clients? - What are the common challenges and pitfalls of specialization and how to overcome them? ## Proclamation 2: We Will Replace Presentations With Conversations - What are the drawbacks of presenting your ideas and solutions before getting paid or hired? - How to shift from a presentation mindset to a conversation mindset when selling your services? - How to use diagnostic questions, active listening, and value-based pricing to establish trust and authority with your clients? - What are the best practices and tools for conducting effective sales conversations? ## Proclamation 3: We Will Diagnose Before We Prescribe - What is the difference between diagnosing and prescribing and why does it matter for creative professionals? - How to avoid the temptation of jumping into solutions before understanding the client's problem and goals? - How to use a discovery process to uncover the client's needs, wants, and fears? - How to position yourself as a trusted advisor rather than a vendor or order-taker? ## Proclamation 4: We Will Rethink What It Means To Sell - What are the common misconceptions and myths about selling that hold back creative professionals? - How to redefine selling as helping rather than persuading or manipulating? - How to adopt a win-win mindset that focuses on creating value for both parties? - How to embrace rejection as a sign of progress rather than failure? ## Proclamation 5: We Will Do With Words What We Used To Do With Paper - What are the disadvantages of writing proposals before getting paid or hired? - How to replace proposals with verbal agreements that are confirmed by simple contracts or letters of engagement? - How to use scope of work documents, project plans, and invoices to communicate the details of your services? - How to handle objections and requests for proposals from clients who are used to them? ## Proclamation 6: We Will Be Selective - Why is it important to be selective about who you work with and what projects you take on? - How to qualify your prospects and clients based on fit, budget, timeline, and decision-making process? - How to say no gracefully and respectfully to opportunities that are not right for you or your business? - How to leverage referrals, testimonials, and case studies to attract more ideal clients? ## Proclamation 7: We Will Build Expertise Rapidly - Why is it crucial to keep learning and improving your skills and knowledge as a creative professional? - How to identify the gaps in your expertise and find the best resources and mentors to fill them? - How to use deliberate practice, feedback, and experimentation to master your craft and stay ahead of the curve? - How to showcase your expertise through content marketing, speaking, teaching, and publishing? ## Proclamation 8: We Will Not Solve Problems Before We Are Paid - Why is it harmful to give away your thinking or solutions for free before getting paid or hired? - How to protect your intellectual property and avoid commoditization of your services? - How to charge for your thinking rather than your time or deliverables? - How to educate your clients about the value of your ideas and advice? ## Proclamation 9: We Will Address Issues of Money Early - Why is it essential to talk about money early in the sales process rather than avoiding or delaying it? - How to overcome your fears or discomforts around money conversations? - How to price your services based on value rather than cost or market rates? - How to negotiate with confidence and integrity without discounting or compromising? ## Proclamation 10: We Will Refuse To Work At A Loss - Why is it vital to ensure that every project you take on is profitable for you and your business? - How to calculate your break-even point and minimum acceptable rate? - How to avoid working at a loss by setting clear boundaries, expectations, and terms with your clients? - How to deal with scope creep, change requests, and additional work without losing money or trust? ## Proclamation 11: We Will Charge More - Why is it beneficial to charge more for your services rather than less? - How to overcome the limiting beliefs and fears that prevent you from charging more? - How to increase your perceived value and differentiate yourself from your competitors? - How to raise your rates without losing your existing or potential clients? ## Proclamation 12: We Will Hold Our Heads High - Why is it important to have a positive and professional attitude when selling your services? - How to avoid the common traps of desperation, insecurity, or arrogance that can sabotage your sales success? - How to build your confidence and credibility as a creative professional? - How to maintain your dignity and respect in every interaction with your clients? ## Conclusion - Summarize the main points and benefits of the Win Without Pitching Manifesto - Encourage the reader to take action and implement the manifesto's principles in their own creative business - Provide some resources and links for further learning and support - Thank the reader for their time and attention ## FAQs - What is the Win Without Pitching Manifesto? - Who is Blair Enns and what is his background and experience? - How can I get a copy of the book or the audiobook? - What are some other products or services that Win Without Pitching offers? - How can I connect with other creative professionals who follow the manifesto?

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