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Stacy Johnson
Stacy Johnson

Free Song Trap Queen By Fetty Wap 'LINK'

"Trap Queen" is the song playing on your iPhone while sweat accumulates behind your knees; it's the song playing on the radio while anxious parents drop their kids off at the mall hoping they won't get murdered or pregnant; it's the song playing at barbecues where dad bods are on full display and Natty Ice flows freely; it's the song playing at a suburban wedding where some bridesmaid is having the worst night of her life because plum isn't her color; it's the song playing at house parties you weren't invited to; it's the song I assume is playing at the club where a man, armed with finger guns, waits for someone to make eye contact with him so he can flirt by mouthing the words of the first verse (I have not been to a club, let alone the club, since I was spry young man).

Free Song Trap Queen By Fetty Wap

Fetty's answer brings us to the next level of the song and its use of slang. A "trap" is a house that doubles as a place where you deal, store, and package drugs; the proprietor's "queen" is the girlfriend who helps him accomplish the latter. And in a broader sense, "trap" also refers to the idea of being trapped in the drug-dealing lifestyle and how hard it can be to escape it.

She is his trap queen, the "bando" is the abandoned building or house where drug deals are orchestrated, and now, because of their success, they are swimming in money. "Bands" refers to increments of $1,000, and the last line of the verse explains how much money Fetty is making and his going rate:

This is one of the biggest questions surrounding the song. On one level, you have this unique story of small-business owners Fetty and his trap queen overcoming the odds and bragging about what they're going to buy with all their drug money. And on the next level, you have this indomitable pop hit being hummed by people who don't even know the lyrics.

Fetty Wap, a native of Paterson, New Jersey, had been rapping and recording music locally as a member of the Remy Boyz 1738 rap troupe, which includes Montana "Monty" Buckz.[2] Wap conceived "Trap Queen" in late 2013 and recorded the song the following March after hearing what would become its backing track, which had been produced by Tony Fadd (real name Anton Matsulevich[3]), a musician from Belarus. The backing track was released on Matsulevich's website for free download.[4] It was the first recording on which Wap had sung, as he had been anxious to try "something different".[5] The original studio recording consisted of three sung verses that Wap had freestyled in the melody he had written.[5][6] The recording was uploaded to SoundCloud shortly after in March 2014, where it soon began amassing plays.[2][7] An extended version of the initial recording, featuring an additional spoken outro, was included on Wap's Up Next mixtape, which was initially sold locally in Paterson and later released online.[8][9] This version of the song was also independently released on April 22, 2014, as a standalone digital single under Goodfella4life Entertainment.[10]

Written by Fetty Wap and produced by Tony Fadd of RGF Productions, "Trap Queen" is a melodic lo-fi hip hop,[15] trap,[9][16] R&B,[17] and pop-rap song.[18] Wap sings most of the song's verses, along with its chorus, in a gritty, melodic delivery reminiscent of contemporary Southern hip hop artists such as Gucci Mane, Future, Rich Homie Quan, and Young Thug.[6][16] Wap's sung vocals, particularly during the song's chorus, are digitally altered.[19][20] One additional verse, following the first iteration of the chorus, is rapped in a more straightforward, traditional style. The song's beat is largely characterized by its trap percussion and synthesized chords.[20]

Lyrically, "Trap Queen" is a giddy, affectionate tribute to a girlfriend and "partner in crime" whom Wap calls his trap queen.[13][21] Wap has clarified that the song was written about an ex he had been dating and dealing crack cocaine with during his own time in the trap.[6][9][12][22] In its lyrics, Wap proclaims his love for his girlfriend, fondly recalling counting money, going shopping, going to the strip club, getting high, and "cooking pies" with her.[12][20][23] The lyrics also express an aspirational quality, with Wap and his girlfriend setting a goal to buy matching Lamborghinis with the money they earn together. Ural Garrett of HipHopDX compared the song's lyrical approach to urban fiction narratives, stating that its themes "wouldn't feel too out of place in writings from Zane, Wahida Clark or Mz. Lady P".[19]

Several unofficial remixes and freestyles of "Trap Queen" were released by other artists as the song became more popular. Artists releasing their takes and guest verses on the song included French Montana, Fabolous, Rick Ross and Fat Trel, Yo Gotti, Quavo, Lil' Kim, Shy Glizzy and Da Brat.[60][61] In particular, Wap favored Quavo's verse,[62] which was later incorporated into the song's official remix, also featuring a verse from Gucci Mane, Wap's favorite rapper.[63] The remix was released commercially on May 4, 2015, in the United States,[64] while an international version featuring an additional verse from Azealia Banks was released on the same day in other territories.[63][65] In late May 2015, it was reported that a remix featuring Nigerian artists Wizkid, Davido and Ice Prince would be released.[66] In 2015, a version was done by British musician and narrator George the Poet which included mentioning the song's subject and meaning, and frustration with British politics.[67]

The Southern trap sound is making its way in many hip hop songs regardless of what region these rappers are from. Produced by Tony Fadd, "Trap Queen" has a strong southern influence with its synthesized chords and straight-up trap percussion. His vocals can be compared to Rich Homie Quan, Young Thug, and Future. The song has a concept that's easy to grasp. Basically, the Paterson born MC raps about cooking up drugs and counting money with his girlfriend, i.e. the Trap Queen.

Don't ever let terrible accompanying art stop you from pressing play on a Soundcloud link. Take for instance this Fetty Wap remix by Arthur McArthur where the Toronto producer manages to fit every song by Queen that you've ever cared about into the time it takes to listen to "Trap Queen." Listen to the laments of unloved trap queens being sewn into "Bohemian Rhapsody" and take in how "We Will Rock You" is reworked to be a masterful ode to entering bandos. If you've never heard a single Queen song, save yourself the effort and take in this Fetty Wap-flavoured fix. It's fairly established that Migos are better than The Beatles, but Arthur McArthur may have just put Fetty Wap in the classic rock challenger category too. 041b061a72


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