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Stacy Johnson

David Gemmell Legend Epub 12: How to Download and Read the Classic Fantasy Novel

David Gemmell Legend Epub 12: A Review of the Classic Fantasy Novel

If you are a fan of epic fantasy, you have probably heard of David Gemmell and his most famous novel, Legend. Published in 1984, Legend is the first book in the Drenai Saga, a series of standalone novels set in a fictional world inspired by ancient history and mythology. Legend tells the story of Druss, a legendary warrior who comes out of retirement to defend a fortress against a horde of barbarians. It is a thrilling and moving tale of heroism, sacrifice, honor and destiny that has captivated millions of readers around the world.

david gemmell legend epub 12

In this article, we will review David Gemmell Legend Epub 12, an electronic version of the novel that you can download and read on your device. We will give you an overview of the author, the plot, the themes, the style and the influence of Legend. We will also give you our recommendation for whether you should read this classic fantasy novel or not.


Who is David Gemmell?

David Gemmell was a British author who was born in 1948 and died in 2006. He wrote over 30 novels, mostly in the genre of heroic fantasy. He was influenced by writers such as J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Louis L'Amour. He was also inspired by his own life experiences, such as growing up in a tough neighborhood, working as a journalist and security guard, and surviving a cancer diagnosis.

Gemmell's novels are known for their realistic and gritty portrayal of violence, war and human nature. His characters are often flawed but noble heroes who face impossible odds and moral dilemmas. His stories are full of action, adventure, romance and humor. His fans admire him for his ability to create compelling and memorable characters, his skillful storytelling and his powerful messages.

What is Legend?

Legend is Gemmell's debut novel and the first book in the Drenai Saga. It was originally titled Against the Horde, but was later renamed Legend to avoid confusion with another book with a similar title. Legend was written as a way for Gemmell to cope with his fear of dying from cancer. He said that he wanted to write a story about "a man who knows he's going to die but won't give up".

Legend is set in the world of the Drenai, a civilization based on ancient Greece and Rome. The Drenai are threatened by the Nadir, a nomadic people based on the Mongols and other steppe tribes. The Nadir are united under a charismatic leader named Ulric, who plans to conquer the Drenai lands with his army of half a million warriors.

The only thing that stands between the Nadir and the Drenai is a fortress called Dros Delnoch, a massive structure with six walls and a keep. The fortress is defended by a small and demoralized garrison of 10,000 soldiers, led by an inexperienced commander named Earl Delnar. The Drenai have little hope of holding out against the Nadir, unless they can get help from a legendary hero: Druss the Legend.

Why is Legend a classic fantasy novel?

Legend is considered a classic fantasy novel for many reasons. First of all, it is a masterful example of heroic fantasy, a subgenre that focuses on the deeds and adventures of heroic characters in a fantastical setting. Legend has all the elements of a great heroic fantasy: a captivating plot, a vivid world, a diverse cast of characters, an epic conflict, a thrilling climax and a satisfying resolution.

Secondly, Legend is a novel that explores universal themes that resonate with readers of all ages and backgrounds. Some of these themes are heroism, sacrifice, honor and destiny. Legend asks questions such as: What makes a hero? What is worth fighting and dying for? How do we face our fears and doubts? How do we cope with loss and grief? How do we find meaning and purpose in life?

Thirdly, Legend is a novel that has influenced and inspired many other fantasy writers and readers. Some of the writers who have acknowledged Gemmell's influence on their work are George R.R. Martin, Brandon Sanderson, Joe Abercrombie, Mark Lawrence and Brent Weeks. Many readers have also testified that reading Legend has changed their lives, giving them courage, hope and motivation.

Plot Summary

The Setting: Dros Delnoch

The main setting of Legend is Dros Delnoch, the largest and strongest fortress in the world. It was built by the Ventrians, an ancient empire that ruled over the Drenai lands before they rebelled and gained their independence. Dros Delnoch is located at a narrow pass between two mountains, making it a strategic point to defend against invaders from the north.

Dros Delnoch consists of six walls and a keep. Each wall has a name and a significance. The first wall is called Eldibar, meaning "the Gate". It is the lowest and weakest wall, but also the widest and most difficult to breach. The second wall is called Musif, meaning "the Teeth". It is the highest and strongest wall, but also the narrowest and most vulnerable to siege engines. The third wall is called Kania, meaning "the Way". It is the longest wall, stretching across the entire valley. The fourth wall is called Sumitos, meaning "the Shield". It is the shortest wall, but also the thickest and most solid. The fifth wall is called Valteri, meaning "the Anvil". It is the last line of defense before the keep. The sixth wall is called Geddon, meaning "the Death". It is not really a wall, but a series of tunnels and chambers under the keep, where the defenders can make their final stand.

The keep is called Dros Purdol, meaning "the Heart". It is the center of the fortress, where the commander and his staff reside. It also houses the temple of the Thirty, the gods of the Drenai.

The Characters: Druss, Rek, Virae and others

The main characters of Legend are Druss, Rek, Virae and others. Here are some brief descriptions of them:

  • Druss: He is the protagonist of Legend. He is an old man in his sixties, but still a formidable warrior. He is known as Druss the Legend, Druss the Captain of the Ax, Druss the Deathwalker and other titles. He earned his fame by fighting in many wars and battles across the world. He wields a double-headed battle-ax called Snaga, which means "the Sender" or "the Soul Stealer". Snaga was forged by an ancient sorcerer and has a bloodthirsty spirit inside it. Druss has a strong sense of honor and loyalty. He loves his wife Rowena, who died many years ago. He joins the defense of Dros Delnoch to fulfill an oath he made to his friend Sieben, a poet and historian who wants to record Druss's last battle.

  • Virae: She is another protagonist of Legend. She is a young woman in her twenties, but already a skilled archer and leader. She is the daughter of Earl Delnar and the heir of Dros Delnoch. She is brave, intelligent and compassionate. She loves Rek, whom she met in Drenan.

  • Earl Delnar: He is the commander of Dros Delnoch and Virae's father. He is a middle-aged man who has seen many wars and battles. He is a wise and respected leader who cares for his men and his people. He suffers from a terminal illness that weakens him physically and mentally.

  • Ulric: He is the main antagonist of Legend. He is the warlord of the Nadir and the Uniter of the tribes. He is a young man in his thirties, but already a formidable conqueror and visionary. He is ambitious, charismatic and ruthless. He seeks to create a new empire that will bring peace and prosperity to his people.

  • Nosta Khan: He is a secondary antagonist of Legend. He is a shaman of the Nadir and Ulric's advisor. He is an old man who has mastered the dark arts of magic and sorcery. He is cunning, manipulative and power-hungry. He plots to overthrow Ulric and take his place as the Uniter.

  • Serbitar: He is a supporting character of Legend. He is a monk of the Thirty, a mysterious order of warriors who serve the Source, a godlike force of good. He is a young man in his twenties, but already a skilled fighter and healer. He is gentle, humble and faithful. He befriends Druss and helps him in his quest.

  • Vintar: He is another supporting character of Legend. He is also a monk of the Thirty and Serbitar's mentor. He is an old man who has lived for over two hundred years, thanks to the Source's blessing. He is wise, powerful and benevolent. He leads the Thirty in their mission to aid Dros Delnoch.

The Conflict: The Nadir Invasion

The main conflict of Legend is the Nadir invasion of the Drenai lands. The Nadir are a nomadic people who live in the steppes north of the Drenai. They are divided into many tribes that often fight among themselves. However, they are united by Ulric, a charismatic leader who claims to be the reincarnation of Orien, a legendary hero who once ruled over all the Nadir.

Ulric has a vision of creating a new empire that will bring peace and prosperity to his people. To achieve this, he needs to conquer the Drenai lands, which are rich in resources and culture. He also believes that he has a destiny to face Druss, whom he considers his equal and opposite.

The Nadir invasion begins with a series of raids and skirmishes along the border. The Drenai are caught off guard by the speed and ferocity of the attacks. They are also weakened by internal strife and corruption among their leaders. The only hope for the Drenai is to hold Dros Delnoch, the fortress that guards the pass to their heartland.

The Climax: The Battle of the Six Walls

The climax of Legend is the Battle of the Six Walls, which takes place at Dros Delnoch. It is one of the most epic and memorable battles in fantasy literature. It lasts for several weeks and involves hundreds of thousands of combatants on both sides.

The battle begins with Ulric's army laying siege to Dros Delnoch. The Nadir use catapults, rams, ladders and tunnels to try to breach the walls. The Drenai use arrows, rocks, oil and fire to try to repel them. The battle is fierce and bloody, with many casualties on both sides.

The battle progresses through each wall, with each wall having its own challenges and surprises. The first wall falls after a fierce fight that costs Ulric his brother Gat-sun. The second wall holds for a while thanks to Druss's leadership and courage, but falls after Nosta Khan uses magic to create an earthquake that cracks it open. The third wall falls after a night attack that catches the Drenai off guard. The fourth wall holds for a long time thanks to the Legion, a group of elite soldiers led by Hogun, but falls after Ulric uses a secret passage to infiltrate it. The fifth wall holds for a few days thanks to the Thirty, who use their powers to heal the wounded and inspire the defenders, but falls after Nosta Khan uses magic to summon a storm that floods it. The sixth wall is the last stand of the Drenai, where they fight to the death in the tunnels and chambers under the keep.

The Resolution: The Legend of Druss

The resolution of Legend is the Legend of Druss, which is the outcome and aftermath of the battle. It is a bittersweet and poignant ending that wraps up the story and the character arcs.

The battle ends with Ulric's victory and Dros Delnoch's fall. Ulric and Druss finally meet in combat at the keep, where they fight with honor and respect. Druss wounds Ulric, but is mortally wounded himself. Ulric spares Druss's life and orders his men to leave him alone. Druss dies peacefully in Virae's arms, while Rek and Serbitar watch over him.

Ulric honors Druss by burying him with his ax Snaga and erecting a statue of him at Dros Delnoch. He also honors the Drenai by sparing their lives and allowing them to keep their lands and culture. He realizes that he has fulfilled his destiny and that he has no more enemies to fight. He decides to return to his homeland and rule as a wise and benevolent king.

The Drenai honor Druss by making him a legend, a symbol of courage and hope for generations to come. They also honor Rek by making him the new Earl of Bronze, Virae by making her the new commander of Dros Delnoch, and Serbitar by making him the new leader of the Thirty. They rebuild their fortress and their society, and live in peace with the Nadir.


The Themes: Heroism, Sacrifice, Honor and Destiny

One of the main themes of Legend is heroism, which is the quality of being brave and noble in the face of danger and adversity. Legend shows that heroism can be found in anyone, regardless of their age, gender, background or status. Heroism can be expressed in different ways, such as fighting, leading, healing, inspiring or dying for a cause. Heroism can also have different effects, such as saving lives, changing history or creating legends.

Another theme of Legend is sacrifice, which is the act of giving up something valuable or important for the sake of something else. Legend shows that sacrifice can be necessary and noble, but also painful and tragic. Sacrifice can involve giving up one's life, one's love, one's freedom or one's happiness for the sake of one's duty, one's honor, one's people or one's destiny. Sacrifice can also have different consequences, such as winning wars, losing battles or leaving legacies.

A third theme of Legend is honor, which is the quality of being honest, respectful and loyal to oneself and others. Legend shows that honor can be a source of strength and pride, but also a source of conflict and dilemma. Honor can be defined by different codes, such as those of warriors, leaders, monks or barbarians. Honor can also be tested by different situations, such as those involving enemies, allies, friends or family.

A fourth theme of Legend is destiny, which is the idea that one's life has a predetermined course or purpose. Legend shows that destiny can be a matter of fate or choice, or both. Destiny can be revealed by prophecies, visions or dreams, or by actions, decisions or events. Destiny can also be fulfilled by following one's path or by changing one's course.

The Style: Fast-paced, Action-packed and Emotional

One of the main features of Legend is its style, which is fast-paced, action-packed and emotional. Legend has a style that grabs the reader's attention from the first page and keeps it until the last page. It has a style that makes the reader feel like they are part of the story and care about what happens to the characters.

Legend has a fast-paced style that moves the story along at a rapid speed. It has short chapters that switch between different points of view and locations. It has concise sentences that convey information and dialogue without unnecessary details or descriptions. It has frequent cliffhangers that create suspense and anticipation.

Legend has an emotional style that evokes the reader's feelings and empathy. It has many scenes of drama that are touching and heartbreaking. It has many scenes of humor that are witty and amusing. It has many scenes of romance that are tender and passionate. It has many scenes of inspiration that are uplifting and motivating.

The Influence: How Legend Inspired Other Fantasy Writers and Readers

One of the main impacts of Legend is its influence on other fantasy writers and readers. Legend has influenced and inspired many other fantasy writers who have acknowledged Gemmell's work as a source of inspiration and admiration. Some of these writers are George R.R. Martin, Brandon Sanderson, Joe Abercrombie, Mark Lawrence and Brent Weeks. They have praised Gemmell for his storytelling skills, his character creation, his action scenes and his themes.

Legend has also influenced and inspired many fantasy readers who have testified that reading Legend has changed their lives, giving them courage, hope and motivation. Some of these readers have shared their stories on online forums, blogs and social media. They have said that reading Legend has helped them overcome their fears, cope with their losses, pursue their dreams and find their purpose.


Summary of the main points

In conclusion, David Gemmell Legend Epub 12 is a review of the classic fantasy novel Legend by David Gemmell. We have given you an overview of the author, the plot, the themes, the style and the influence of Legend. We have shown you why Legend is a masterful example of heroic fantasy that explores universal themes that resonate with readers of all ages and backgrounds. We have also shown you how Legend has influenced and inspired many other fantasy writers and readers.

Recommendation for potential readers

If you are a potential reader who is interested in reading David Gemmell Legend Epub 12, we highly recommend that you do so. You will not regret it. You will enjoy a thrilling and moving tale of heroism, sacrifice, honor and destiny that will captivate you from start to finish. You will also learn a lot from the characters, the events and the messages of Legend.

You can download David Gemmell Legend Epub 12 from various online sources, such as Amazon Kindle Store, Google Play Books or Kobo Books. You can also find other formats of the novel, such as paperback or hardcover, if you prefer. You can also find other novels by David Gemmell, such as The King Beyond the Gate, Waylander or Morningstar, if you want to read more of his works.

Final thoughts on Legend

Finally, we would like to share our personal opinion on Legend. We think that Legend is one of the best fantasy novels ever written. We think that David Gemmell was a brilliant writer who created a masterpiece that will stand the test of time. We think that Legend is a novel that deserves to be read by everyone who loves fantasy or literature in general.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our review of David Gemmell Legend Epub 12. We hope that we have convinced you to read this classic fantasy novel or to revisit it if you have already read it. We hope that you will share your thoughts and feelings about Legend with us and with other readers.

Thank you for your attention and happy reading!


Here are some frequently asked questions about David Gemmell Legend Epub 12:

  • Q: When was Legend published?

  • A: Legend was published in 1984 by Century Publishing in the UK and by Ballantine Books in the US.

  • Q: How many pages does Legend have?

  • A: Legend has 320 pages in the first edition paperback.

  • Q: How many chapters does Legend have?

  • A: Legend has 32 chapters plus a prologue and an epilogue.

  • Q: How many books are in the Drenai Saga?

  • A: There are 11 books in the Drenai Saga plus two graphic novels based on Legend.

  • Q: Is there a movie or a TV series based on Legend?

  • A: No, there is no movie or TV series based on Legend, although there have been some rumors and attempts to adapt it.



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