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시장 조사 그룹

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Ricardo Cerolini
Ricardo Cerolini

Geli Mazi Sakkhi Bayko Geli

Geli Mazi Sakkhi Bayko Geli

Geli Mazi Sakkhi Bayko Geli (My Friend's Wife Ran Away) is a popular Marathi folk song that has been sung by various artists and adapted into different forms of entertainment. The song is a humorous account of a man who loses his wife to his friend and tries to get her back.


Origin and Lyrics

The song was originally written and composed by Manvel Gaikwad, a Marathi folk singer and songwriter. He released the song in his album Mee Baburao Boltoy (I am Baburao Speaking) in 2015. The song became an instant hit among the Marathi audience and was praised for its catchy tune and witty lyrics.

The lyrics of the song narrate the story of a man named Baburao, who is married to a beautiful woman named Radha. He is very happy with his wife and boasts about her to his friend Ramesh. However, Ramesh secretly falls in love with Radha and elopes with her one day. Baburao is shocked and heartbroken by this betrayal and tries to find his wife. He goes to various places, such as Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Kolhapur, Goa, and even Dubai, but fails to locate her. He then decides to take revenge on Ramesh by eloping with his wife, who is also named Radha. However, he soon realizes that Ramesh's wife is not as attractive as his own and regrets his decision. He then begs Ramesh to return his wife and promises to forgive him.

The chorus of the song goes like this:

Geli mazi sakkhi bayko geli (My friend's wife ran away) Geli mazi sakkhi bayko geli (My friend's wife ran away) Mala radha milali (I got Radha) Pan tichi sundarata nahi (But she is not beautiful) Mala radha milali (I got Radha) Pan tichi sundarata nahi (But she is not beautiful)

Versions and Adaptations

The song has been covered by many singers and musicians over the years, such as Anand Shinde, Milind Shinde, Pravin Kuwar, Yogesh Agravkar, and others. Some of these versions have added or modified some lyrics to suit their style or audience . The song has also been used as a background score or a theme song in some Marathi movies and TV shows, such as Zee Yuva's Dil Dosti Duniyadari and Colors Marathi's Chahool. The song has also inspired some comedy skits and dramas that have been performed on various platforms, such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and stage shows . These adaptations have added more characters and situations to the original story and have made it more hilarious and entertaining.

Popularity and Impact

The song has become a part of the Marathi culture and has been enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. The song has received millions of views and likes on YouTube and other social media platforms . The song has also been praised for its creativity and humor by critics and fans alike. The song has also influenced the Marathi language and slang, as some of its phrases and words have become common expressions among the Marathi speakers. For example, the word "geli" (ran away) has been used to describe someone who has left or abandoned something or someone. The song has also been used as a source of inspiration and motivation by some people who have faced similar situations in their lives or have wanted to escape from their problems.


Geli Mazi Sakkhi Bayko Geli is a song that has captured the hearts and minds of the Marathi people with its catchy melody and witty lyrics. The song has also spawned many versions and adaptations that have added more flavor and fun to the original story. The song has also become a cultural phenomenon that has influenced the Marathi language and society in various ways. The song is a testament to the power of music and humor in bringing joy and laughter to people's lives.


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