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공개·회원 8명

The Matching Rings A Ring to Remember and a Make a

I tie a knot in my handkerchief or better... my finger!

Have you ever wanted to keep a record of something, and you were determined to do so? We've all tried "guiding" our memories to recall something important that we'd rather not forget.

To accomplish this, we use tricks and a classic way is to tie a knot into something that we always have in front of us.

This is a very ancient custom to keep a promise made in a promise to another person or to ourselves.

There is also the custom of attaching a red thread to the hand's finger that evokes a long-standing Chinese legend that was later spread to Japan The idea is that each of us has an imaginary red thread that is tied to our left finger from birth that connects us to our soul love partner.

It is also from this practice that you tie a small red ribbon around your finger, which ties the act to a specific thought... like understanding, commitment, or revenge?

Who hasn't just heard: "I'll tie this on my finger!" to symbolize the desire to keep the wrong suffered in mind? It's a lot more sweeter the significance of the promise ring, that has always been a perfect gift for lovers.

A promise ring that conveys important things

The distance between the knot and the ring is short.

Tradition is full with funny and romantic stories about the promise ring. It can be a sign of a commitment to another, of fidelity, chastity, or monogamy. It is also a tangible sign of friendship between two people and of the love of a mother towards one's child, of filial affection towards one's parent.

Some people make a promise that they will be frugal and sober, and wear a ring every day to remind themselves of their commitment.

It can be used as a tiny motivation to achieve goals, or as a testament of an important event. Most of the time, however the most popular significance is the promise of love and fidelity between two lovers.

In the past, it was believed that the vein that connected to the heart was found along the ring finger, called the vena Amoris. As such, similar to the engagement ring, the "promise ring", which reminds of love and bonds throughout the day, is commonly placed on the left ring finger. There are a variety of ways to wear it: on the index finger to symbolize the promise or on the little finger, but also threaded into the most cherished necklace.

"PROMISES are the only appointment You should not miss."

The latest fashion trends also suggest securing the commitments made by rings that have written phrases and excerpts of symbolic and profound meaning, engraved on the outside or inside the ring.

Personalizing the message becomes an exercise in imagination and creative thinking, and commitment... A way to make our gift distinctive and personal.


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